Thursday, 10 January 2008

Films of 2007

A good friend has just pointed out how hard the undertaking of watching every movie is going to be considering such pearls as The Sex and the City film, First Sunday and The Bank Job are all released this year. Plus my natural aversion to all things bloody and guty (it is a word, look it up) all translates to me becoming half the man I was by this time next year.

But this week we have some potential crackers in the shape of Lust, Caution, Charlie Wilsons War and the less crackery (thats a word too) Dan in Real Life.

So in celebration of all things exquiste and lame here are my films of last year. There not necessarily the best films or worst films just the ones I enjoyed/hated the most. And they're not in any particular order.

The Lives Of Others
The Fountain
Tell No One
Bridge to Terrabithia
The Bourne Ultimatum
Hot Fuzz
Knocked Up

Evan Almighty
Hannibal Rising

Yeah, yeah where is so and so, and that film sucks, Owen you blow, etc, etc. Eat me. Oh you completely agree with me on everything and plan to give me lots of money for my opinions, good. Thats made me very happy.

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