Thursday, 3 January 2008

This is the Universe. Big, isn't it?

Hello and welcome to Confessions of a Projectionist. This is a UK website dedicated to up to the minute, completely biased film reviews for the year 2008.

I've started this blog for two reasons. Firstly after recently viewing I am Legend I couldn't find any UK reviews until way after its release to see if it was just me who couldn't believe the terrible ball dropping by everyone involved during the last third (it wasn't just me). Secondly a fellow projectionist set a challenge to see if we could watch every movie released at our 14screen multiplex during the year of 2008. For some reason I thought this was a good idea. Probably some bad christmas turkey.

Agree, disagree, send me flowers or call me names, I like to think of this as a service. For those big films where the studios won't let press review it before hand, Confessions of a Projectionist, will be here to help. You see we have to watch the films first to see if the reels are the right way up.

I will also be praising/chastising the latest trailers and such too. Example, The Dark Knight trailer makes me feel weird in my pants. In a good way.

So for the week commencing 04/01 we have 2 new releases, The Kite Runner and P.S. I Love You. One of them is good, the other isn't. Oh and I've only watched one of them... I told you there'd be bias.

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mooma said...

As I cooked the Christmas Turkey hope it wasn't!