Thursday, 24 July 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D Review

I'm not doing a full review for this because I'm still throwing a bit of a hissy about 3-D films. I did watch the whole film and put on the stupid glasses and everyting and yeah the visuals are more impressive than ever but I've yet to see a glimpse of a film where the extra dimension adds to the storytelling in any meaningful way. Its a cheap parlour trick and an excuse for studios to forget about the script entirely.

As they do in this. I don't think Brendan Fraser touching me below the waist would have made this 'experience' of a film any less dull. Take away the oooh and the aaah factor (which some cretins will tell you is the point of cinema, its not, its really, really not) and your left with a dull pointless excercise in updating Verne for the 21st Century. Journey to the Centre of My Arse.

Thats not an invite its supposed to be a funny play on words. Please leave me alone. Please.

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