Friday, 22 February 2008

Definitely, Maybe Review

When I saw the first trailer for Definitely, Maybe two things crossed my mind. Firstly that it has quite an impressive cast for a shoddy rom com and secondly the love story mystery is stolen from Broken Flowers. I'm pleased to report I am definitely wrong about this being shoddy and I may be wrong about the Broken Flowers thing. Okay I am wrong, I just wanted to do the definitely and the may be thing.

Upon finding out where babies come from, Maya (Abigail Breslin) asks her dad (Ryan Reynolds) how she came to be. She hopes that by doing so he will remember why he fell in love with her mother in the first place and not follow through with his planned divorce. To keep Little Miss Sunshine happy Van Wilder tells the story of his three big loves not letting the girl or the audience onto who is a) her mum or who is b) his number one love.

After an appaling opening in which we meet Will Hayes (film student types this is not the guy who censored Hollywood in the 30's) strutting down New York with wireless, earpiece headphones throwing information at the audeince about where his life is the film goes from strength to strength. The mystery of who will Will end up with is handled well enough to keep you guessing until the end. There must be a favourite so the payoff works, but even this fleats well between the 'fictional' Summer, April and Emily.

The so likeable he's slappable Ryan Reynolds is again so likeable that I want to slap him. The problem is I like him too much. What a quandary! All the ladies are perfectly played too. With a Nick Hornby level of knowingness to the relationship front this is superior than a vast number of romcoms and the best from the Working Title stable in quite some time.

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