Monday, 4 February 2008

Over Her Dead Body Review

The subject of Death, and how we move on from it, has raged rampant over the films that open this year. It featured heavily in Dan in Real Life, P.S. I Love You, In the Valley of Elah and the very soon to be reviewed Things We Lost in The Fire. I say very soon to be reviewed but it may take me a while to come up with lots of humourous ways to tell you how shit Over Her Dead Body is.

Its shit because its not funny. Its shit because its unoriginal. Its shit because nothing happens. Its shit because you really don't care that nothing happens. Its shit because it makes you feel really sorry for Paul Rudd being in this shit. Its shit because the storyline is shit. Its shit because the acting is shit. Its so shit that the word shit has now lost all meaning to me. Its really, really, really shit.

The abundance of cliche moments are too painful to go into in full. So here's some choice cuts. The girl who dies is a bitch who can't stop fussing and ordering people around so we're quite glad she's dead. During the finale (I'm not sorry for giving away the ending here) the guy chases the girl to the airport but y'know gets stopped and has to buy a ticket to get through. And the cliche thats pissing me off most at the moment 'the jilted third wheel also finds love!'

It didn't make me quite as angry as P.S. I Love You for at heart its only a romantic comedy not a worryingly uncomfortabe step by step guide to getting over the death of a loved one. But just because its not trying hard doesn't mean its not one of the worst put together movies I've seen in a long time. Will I go see an Eva Longoria movie again? Over Her Dead Body.

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