Saturday, 16 February 2008

Jumper Review

There is great potential in Jumper. A comic book movie not actually based on a comic book (so therefore 'shock horror' an original film), a nice tidy budget, a reasonable cast and a competent director. The ability of teleportation, to go anywhere, and have anything, instantly is perfect for the medium of cinema. The problem, however, is that the film spills its load in the first 5 minutes. The rest of the movie apologises profusely but can't manage to get it up again before the credits roll.

Young, buff and squeaky voiced David Rice (Hayden Christensen) is a 'Jumper', a man who can hop from place to place just by picturing it. He lives a billionaire lifestyle by robbing banks and doing whatever he feels like. This is until Roland (Big Sammy L with crazy custard/cheescake hair) comes along to kill him because, well, only God should have the power to watch the Superbowl without buying a ticket. There is much fun to be had for geeks watching the former jedis kick the crap out of each other.

Support comes in the form of good and bad. Jamie Bell is enjoyable as the fellow jumper who takes great pleasure in dispatching Rolands 'Paladins'. As he is a slightly less smug version of the lead character, whenever he comes onscreen the film improves. The opposite can be said for Rachel Bilson who has a poor role and does nothing with it. I'm yet to be convinced that her CV should read 'actress'.

Like the first Bourne (also directed by Doug Liman) the film feels like a set up to something bigger and better. There are traces of darkness in Rice's character that would have made the film more rounded if fully embraced. The possibility of jumping time as well as space might also add to the drama department because as pretty as it is to jump from Paris to Chechnya in the space of 24 frames it doesn't add to the story one bit. Hopefully they'll get it right for the sequel and if its out around Dec25th I can make my 'nobody wants this for Christmas' gag as often as I like.

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