Friday, 1 February 2008

January Review

Well its a whole month in and I'm on track with every film released so far. So with 100% success for this first month I sit at my desk now awaiting a fanfare, a ticker tape parade and if I die prematurely a song written about me by Elton John and then re-written for someone else.

I've dealt with complaints that the reviews are not clear enough, that my punctuation and spelling rivals that of a dyslexic 6-year old and also that if I continue to be negative about every film I'll put myself out of a job. And also that I'm a second rate Charlie Brooker. This last one pleases me. I'd personally take anything above a fifth rate Paul Ross.

So January. We've had some very good films in the form of Lust Caution, I'm Not There and Sweeney Todd. Some very bad films in the form of AVPR, In The Valley of Elah and P.S. I Love You. And one boda fide classic in No Country For Old Men. Thats pretty 50/50 for Yay Vs Nay.

And for the week commencing 01/02 we have the very long titles of Things we Lost in the Fire, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Over her Dead Body and the shorter titles of Cloverfield and the already vilified Penelope. A magazine that rhymes with Blempire gave that last film 4stars. The Revolution starts here...

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