Tuesday, 4 March 2008

27 Dresses Review

I watched The Philedelphia Story last night. I mention that for two reasons. Firstly, to show that Romantic Comedies where guys and gals fall in and out of love and wrestle for each others affections can be enjoyed by a person with a penis. And secondly, to let 27 Dresses off for not being able to quite compare with that particular masterclass so fresh in my mind. It doesn't mean, however, that its not worth a look. It just means if you get the choice watch Cary Grant and James Stewart battle instead.

The perennial bridesmaid Jane Nichols (you should really spell it with two l's love, all the cool people do) is in a bit of a funk. Instead of looking for love herself she is always trying to make everyones happy day even happier. Along comes cynical writer (we all are), Kevin, (James Marsden) to show her that weddings are just money grabbing cons, as only a cynical writer would. Throw in her sister getting engaged to the man she really loves and you have a pretty standard flick de chick.

It starts of as a Wedding Crashers for girls in the sense that Jane is at these weddings to have a good time and add to the fun. The bawdy nature of that film isn't lost entirely but is certainly diluted for the female audience although support from the wonderful Judy Greer (Arrested Development/Elizabethtown) gives it a little edge. Mining for the true nuggets of comedy gold is Katherine Heigl, a bit too good looking to be as pathetic as her character should be, but spot on at the awkwaaaaard moments.

All the cast do solid work with a solid script. Its certainly the first film that I haven't wanted to kick James Marsdens teeth off his face in. A disappointingly bland 'chase to the true love at the end and give a big speech' cheapens what came before. Sidenote - if you do feel like giving up at this point just watch the background cast. Littered throughout this film are some truly fantastic extras overacting, and these are entertaining enough to fill the few dips this film has.

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