Sunday, 9 March 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl Review

Damn there are some good genes in the Boleyn household. The mother is the none too shabby Kristen Scott Thomas, the youngest daughter is the alluring Scarlett Johansson and the eldest, well anyone who knows me knows that I'm a smitten kitten for all things Natalie Portman. But good looking stars does not a good film guarantee. (For proof of the opposite look no further than Peter Lorre and Steve Buscemi's eclectic careers). I'm happy to say that, while this is BBC drama department writ large, the easiness on the eyes of the cast is not the only thing to recommend it.

Natalie is Anne Boleyn, an ambituous little minx whose main aim is to marry well. When the position of mistress to Henry VIII (Eric Bana) comes a knocking she duly accepts the challenge and sets out to woo said King. After a riding accident leaves Henry a tad embarrassed he sets his sights on Anne's sister Mary (Scarlett Johansson) leaving Anne a little bit on the peeved side. Thanks to some fantastic (offscreen) teaching by the Queen of France, Anne sets out to win the King's affection by some stunning cock teasery.

For fear of repeating myself about marketing campaigns being as reliable as a two legged chair, The Other Boleyn Girl is not, as the poster suggests, about two sisters divided for the love of a king. If you are looking for a love triangle you will be left wanting, as love has nothing to do with the actions of anyone involved in this film (save possibly the mothers love for her children). Instead power and influence, and the corruption therein are the order of the day, with everybody out for themselves.

What seems to be the most successful aspect of the film is that the selfishness of Anne does not automatically mean she is unsympathetic. In fact the opposite seems to be the case, even after we have seen some machiavellian moves that would make Karl Rove (google him, he's a bad man) blush, we still feel for her. And with her sister Mary being wetter than a Tewksbury doorstep she is certainly the sister that doesn't deserve to be called 'The Other'. But then, I would say that, she's played by Natalie Portman.

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