Friday, 14 March 2008

We Are Together Review (and a word about U2 and Hannah Montana)

Once there was a time when if you needed information you'd go to the local library, if you needed pornography you'd have to buy it from a shop. I remember a time when the big four would always be in the FA Cup final. And not so long ago you'd go to the cinema to watch a movie. But alas the times they are a changing. So now the multiplex is awash with music concerts and 3-D wizardry with nary a storyline in sight. Armageddon surely must be close.

Well at least We Are Together can pass as a documentary film, following the lives of the residents of Agape, an orphanage in Africa that using singing as a way to bring their community together. The main part of this film is dedicated to how their music helps them through bad times and is quite affecting. But the Aids crisis which is such a huge humanitarian crisis seems to be deemed only worthy of a sidenote. Instead as the singing children go on a fundraising tour Bastard faced rich Bastards get to feel all warm and gooey inside because they paid a few quid to watch some Africans paraded around like freaks.

While the 'coming to America' segment is only about 10 minutes long, it's enough to ruin everything that had come before and also enough to put the horrible doubt in my mind that the filmmakers were just as exploitative as Mr. Simon and co. If you want to hear the music (which is the main reason for the film) buy the album but don't kid yourself into thinking you're making any difference at all you smug middle class pricks.
(And yes I am a smug middle class prick myself but I'm not rich or influential in any way, most of the people in the audience at the 'Charity' gig could actually do something if they chose to)

Speaking of people who think they're making a difference, Bono and chums were at the cinema over the last few weeks. As I'm not a U2 fan, and this is simply a U2 concert, I decided to sit this one out. Instead I'll say that the 3D is impressive and tell you a reasonably funny joke.
Q. Whats the difference between Bono and God?
A. God doesn't walk around Dublin all day pretending he's Bono.

This week sees the Cracker Spawn of Satan (thanks for that one Bill), Hannah Montana get a big screen gig. Again I'm not mashochistic enough to sit through this concert of filth but I would very, very, very much like to point out that her tour title 'The Best of Both Worlds" is the same title as the hermaphroditic porn that Randall watches in Clerks. The idea that little Cyrus is hiding a little secret down her pants certainly makes the wait for Armaggedon a bit more enjoyable.

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