Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Bank Job Review

And here I was thanking the movie Gods that there hasn't been a mockney gangster shit flick to grace our screens in the past 6 months. But smited once again am I. Coming across like Britains answer to Oceans 11 (that would make Jason Statham the UK equivalent of George Clooney - how proud we are!) The Bank Job is appropriately titled. Job as in poo and, well, bank only needs one letter changing.

Terry (Jason Statham) is the chief crook who only rips people off with dodgy motors and is therefore not a real 'bad guy'. Along comes Saffron Burrows to give him a real opportunity in the form of the titular Bank Job. Terry does a Danny Ocean and assembles a crew of likeable goons to get on the task. Double and Triple crossings ensue as political figures and black activists get involved in a tangled web of bribed police officers and rauncy blackmail snaps.

According to all the marketing it was the 'true story' of the century but in the words of Sheriff Bell, "Its certainly true that its a story." And to be fair the story itself is quite interesting. What takes the proverbial wee wee is how undeeply mined the material is for any suspense or drama.
The annoying and overly familiar dire-logue of the robbers is too off putting to ignore. Examples such as, "Oh no, Terry its the Old Bill!" grate on the nerves like talons on a chalkboard.

I always like to say some good things about the films I watch, if I can, and so here it is. The period detail is impressive. References to the old League Division One being the topflight and Midland Bank instead of HSBC means at least someone on set is doing their job. During one of my early 'posts' I labelled this as one of the films I was least looking forward to. I'm indifferent to report that the film left me feeling indfifferent. Poor, but not anger inducing. So the movie Gods should be thanked for that.

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