Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Accidental Husband Review

I can only blame the fact that its a leap year for the amount of marriage-centric movies doing the rounds. With February the 29th supposedly the one day when a woman can officially propose to her man (or her woman, although I'm not sure how that works, well I know how that works but I mean in the marriage/proposal type thing. Do gay women really only get one day?) Hollywood seems to be taking an active interest with the intention of lovey doving its audience into thinking a trip up the aisle is the best step forward. Sadly the only thing The Accidental Husband might inspire is a shift to celibacy.

Uma Thurman plays Dr. Emma Lloyd a radio love guru dishing out advice to the women of New Yawk City. When she doles out some of this sagey goodness and inadvertently causes Patrick Sullivan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to lose his fiancee, Patrick seeks revenge. But whaddya know? The two fall in love within 20 minutes. Very, very minor complications ensue until they all end happily ever after.

The Bride is a role Uma has played before but in this version you'd be cheering on Bill every step of the way. She starts off the movie as a bitch and ends it a slightly less nagging bitch. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a bit of an ass who doesn't really learn anything except "yo, this chick i didn't like is kinda alright." Starring in this and P.S. I Love You is doing you no favours in the quest for survival if I ever get to rule the world Jeff. And Isabella Rossellini pops up in a baffling role to explain who the heroine really loves before she vanishes like a fart in a hurricane.

The one pleasure I did have from this film was thinking about the effects that the characters actions would have in real life. Firstly Uma would spend some time in jail for calling out the emergency services for no reason except to fulfil her selfish desires. Jeff would lose his job for similar abuses of power. Colin Firths character would dump her from his publishers and all her readers would switch off once she started singing a different tune from 'hate all your boyfriends' to 'love them all whatever their faults'. And the little Asian kid would be spending some quality time in Guantanamo Bay for hacking into governmental files. Now thats a movie!

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