Sunday, 27 April 2008

Flashbacks of a Fool Review

Regrets, I've had a few but then again too few for anyone to really give a monkey toss. I'm ad-libbing Frank for good reason, Flashbacks of a Fool is steeped in regret but the regret is non transferable to the audience, i.e we don't really give a monkey toss. This leaves the film only vaguely entertaining and in the year of 2008, cinema makers must do a lot better than be vaguely entertaining if they wish to satisfy this bitter man.

Hollywood mega star in decline Joe Scott (think Mickey Rourke circa 1992 but with less smack) is a coke line or a lost role away from rock bottom. When he hears the news of an old friends death he begins to ponder on his youth long gone. In a flashback that takes up the main breadth of the movie we see how Joe was shaped into the man he is today. Well, actually, we don't and thats the problem with the film.

Like a Radio 4 version of a biography of an actor who doesn't actually exist, Flashbacks lacks the drama needed to pull you in for the full two hour running time. If it was a real celebrity tale of how their life was turned by a moment in their youth it would probably have done huge business as is the cluster fuck surrounding A-listers these days, but sadly as its fiction no-one really gives two shits, which is a shame because its all played very well.

It was a bit of a love project for Daniel Craig and you can see why as its one of the most 'actorly' films you'll see in a long while. As the young Joe, Harry Eden does a wonderful job as the insecure teen whose raging hard on will be his downfall. But despite all round tiptop performances the drama isn't dramatic enough to keep us hooked. Oh and if its supposed to be his flashback why do we have detailed scenes of instances that he isn't present for. That always pissed me off in Saving Private Ryan too.

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