Monday, 21 April 2008

Strange Wilderness Review

As a friend commented to me, "They don't make em like that anymore" in reference to the 80's style comedy but I'm unsure as to whether they ever made them like this. So few people came to watch this bizarre shitfest that at the prime time show the only residents of the cinema were me and the hapless friends I brought along. They'll forgive me one day. But you never know this may well be the kind of legendary movie that you tell your grandkids about in the same way people talk of Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. Doubtful though.
When his father passes away Peter Gaulke (Steve Zahn) attempts to present the wildlife documentary programme entitled Strange Wilderness his pa made a national treasure. The problem is he smokes pot like its going out of fashion and knows nothing about animals. When the plug is due to be pulled Peter rounds up a bunch of misfits to find Bigfoot and thus save the show.

Strange. Quite possibly the only word to describe the experience of watching this 'film'. Essentially a stoner movie made up of the kind of sketches Saturday Night Live might throwout for being too directed at college students, I have to confess that I laughed til I cried watching it. The problem is at no point did I laugh 'with' the film.

There is a small amount of mirth to be had from the ridiculously dumb narration over stock nature footage. "It is estimated that bears kill over 2 million salmon a year, attacks by salmon on bears, are much more rare," being the best example. But most 'Jokes' go on way past their sell by date, including a 'dick joke' that would make a seven year old groan. Add into this people vomiting into a sharks mouth, a turkey (literally) gobbling down a cock and enough bong related humour to make Cheech and Chong blush and you have a contender for one of the most random films since the Python boys hung up their fluffy rabbits feet. Shame it didn't have any of their wit.

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Winging It Around The World - The Karma Kronicles said...

My name is J.C, "hapless friend". I had been travelling around the world for 28 months. Strange Wilderness was the first film I saw at the cinema since my return on 23/03/08 (Easter Sunday). The fact that this movie exists in all its cringe worthiness is a testament to all that is wrong in the world. (how did this film get funding to be made to exist)...God works in mysterious ways. It was a joy to watch man turned on my turkey gobbling down his meat. The fact that Big Foot gets shot to peices classic. I've never laughed so much at a film and never with it.