Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Review

I know he's barely in this film, playing second male lead below a relatively unknown actor, but what is about Russell Brand that has people falling over themselves to work with him? He was a television presenter less than 12 months ago and now he's a fully fledged thespian with 3, count em, 3 films showing this year. All he's done from 2003 onwards is impersonate Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates movies. The question that this film raises 'Is who the hell is the real Russell Brand?' I want answers. I want to know if my hatred of this man is justified. I want the truth, even if I am unsure of my truth handling abilities.

Back to the film... for now. When Peter Bretter (screenwriter and lead Jason Segel) gets callously dumped by his longterm girlfriend the titular (damn I use that word too much) Sarah Marshall he does his best to forget her. But he just can't if he coups himself in his flat all day. No, this man needs to get away, to Hawaii! Thats the way to do it! Unless his ex is there with her new boyfriend, the man/muppet that will make up the base of this diatribe, Rusell Brand. Things are made easier for Peter when hotel sexpot Rachel (Mila Kunis) starts to help him not remember he ever went out with the titular (I think I use it because it starts off with tit) Sarah.

The first and last part of this movie are reasonably entertaining and funny. The comedy is of a very broad nature, almost Carry On-esque at times but if you can't laugh at a shrivelled wang then what can you laugh at. The cast is incredibly open to having the piss ripped out of themselves with references from Kristen Bell to making the switch to film from TV and Kunis and Segel willing to bare all for a cheap gag. Which brings us unsurprisingly back to our Russell.

Who are you man? You surely can't be, as it would appear to anyone dipping into your work, the character that you play in this film all the live long day? Firstly your cock would fall off and secondly everyone would just want to punch you in the face repeatedly until you couldn't use clever wordplay again because your tongue would be a mixture of knuckle skin, mashed up teeth and pavement. But fool on me really because I'm just another mug thats giving you the time of day for acting like a fool everytime a camera is on you. I hope that one day I see you buying some crisps in Tesco and your hair isn't all done and you just talk politely to people in a normal voice. Or at least you just tone it down a bit and go back to presenting. If you can find his early stuff Naziboy is worth checking out on youtube for all Brand haters he is actually informative and witty, thats Russell not the Nazi. The Nazi is an idiot, obviously... he's a Nazi.

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