Saturday, 12 April 2008

How She Move Review

How She Move is not a bad film. I never thought I'd scribble down a sentance like that but watching Hollywood churn out buckets of never-ending chod to the tune of SIX films a week (and thats just in the cinema folks, I still watch movies at home too) you start to relax your opinion about the average films. How She Move, being a danceteenathon, also has the benefit of being favourably compared to the train wreck of Step Up 2: The Streets a similar danceteenathon but one that has no balls.

I'm going to break with tradition on this review and list the reasons why this is a superior product to the aformentioned carriage mangled mess.
1. The lead girl Rutina Wesly has been cast because she can act and dance. Not because she has a mannequin perfect body and she can dance.
2. The dance moves are mainly shown from one camera angle without fancy editing, therefore what you see is what you get, not Hollywood trickery.
3. The characters are mainly from Jamaica. No racism intended here but they can move. As in dance. I would defend myself and say I have loads of black friends, blah, blah, but I live in Norfolk so that would just be a lie.
4. At no point does anyone cry about the illegality of dancing as Step Up 2 does. Its dancing for fucks sake, its not a criminal offence to shake ones booty. Unless you're that fat chick off Eastenders.
5. Its not set in Baltimore so it doesn't call for ridiculously unfavourable comparisons to The Wire, The Greatest Show On TV. (One again thank you Mr. Brooker and my housemate Mr. Benson for not shutting up about how great it is. It really, really,really, really is.)

I could add to the list but it may take me over the A4 sheet that I like to print these diatribes out on. OCD not withstanding I do have one gripe and thats the piss poor voiceover at the start of the film. There is as much need for it as there is a need for Anne Widdecombe to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. The point of a first act is to setup the story, if you tell us every bit of information about the lead characters life the first 20 minutes becomes pointless. I'm guessing this inclusion was at the behest of MTV not Paramount Vantage.

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