Friday, 2 May 2008

Deception Review

This film has to have been gathering dust, sitting on the shelf longer than the Eagle Eye Cherry CD I bought back in 1997 (I liked that 'Save Tonight' song, it was catchy). And while this review will not hit until May the release of it in April is just further proof that if a cinema goer wants to have a holiday then the month to do it is this one.

Ewan is a dweeby accountant who can't get laid (Like looking in a mirror, except I'm not an accountant) until he 'accidently' gets holds of the mobile phone belonging to Hugh Jackman (sinister business type). This phone happens to have the number of a plentiful supply of female members of a sex club to which Ewan has a little dabble in when he meets Michelle Williams.

Falling instantly in love with someone you meet in a sex club is not a good idea. Especially if you are in a film called Deception. But regardeless of the title, there is nary a surprise to be had in this paint by not going outside the lines 'Erotic' Thriller. This lack of thrills is tripleified if you happened to catch Derailed a couple of years ago in which the same bloody thing happens.

That said there is a small amount of fun to be had thanks to the 'up for a giggle' cast. Ewan who seems to be getting younger and younger at the moment (of course this could be due to the fact that, as mentioned, this has been in limbo for a bit) seems to enjoy the nerdy 'who me?' aspect of his character, Hugh plays a badass for what I think is the first time and Michelle 'you wouldn't last a day on the creek!' Williams is silent and blonde enough to convince as a Hitchcockian femme. The film as a whole however is just Cockian. I mean Cock. Speaking of which where was little Obi-Wan? Ewan + Eroticism usually = Full Frontal. Maybe his 'chap' is also reverse aging.

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