Friday, 2 May 2008

Stop Loss Review

Warning this film contains Youtube and Texans. The latter is the one place in the world I don't want to visit, I don't want to hear about and I don't want to survive a nuclear holocaust. Perhaps its been unfairly represented, I know just one Texan and she's a lovely well adjusted person, but if you believe the movies (and to the detriment of my life, I do) the rest of them are backward, gunfucking, line dancing twats. Of course not all Texans are idiots, can the same be said for people who use Youtube?

The plot is the tested and tired 'some soldiers go to war and find out its not very fun and then go a bit mental' (see also In the Valley of Elah). The twist on this tale is that after they've served their time killing innocent people and taking their paycheck some of the soldiers get a bit upset that they have to go and do it all again because of some small print that says "You signed up to be a soldier, we don't have enough of them so you're fucked haha you shouldn't have taken us up on the idea of becoming hired killers quite so lightly should you?"

Ryan 'poor mans Heath' Phillippe is the heroic Texan tool that does the majority of the 'its not fair' toy throwing with his character going from God Bless America to America Sucks in under two hours. Occasionally he stops to think of those people he killed that wanted no part in the war either before, during or after, but dismisses them quickly and tries to find a lawyer to stop this injustice. Like the people of Iraq do on a daily basis. Ooooh sarcasm and politics. I am clever.

As for the youtube bashing that prefixed this review, I'm just pissed off with the 'revolutionising' of the media that I love (visual and audio storytelling) being turned into 180 second pieces for morons with attention spans shorter than their flacid and/or erect cocks. And any director that thinks he can summarise a complex war in the 3 minute 'artform' of compilations of two second shots of beaucoup bad shit is an idiot and deserves to be treated like one. Maybe make him wear a dunce cap for a month. And sit in the corner along with the whiny soldiers.

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